Trading Room Technology

Impact on the Business Community

The BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting Trading Room, as part of its mission, serves the local business community by providing specialized courses, continuing education and executive training.

Benefits to the Local Business Community

The BFX Trading Room provides the local and foreign Forex firms in Tunisia the opportunity to recruit from a more qualified talent pool of students armed with a greater understanding of foreign exchange market. Specifically, Forex Traders majors will now have a more in depth understanding of forex market and will have actually used the « tool of the trade » while earning their certificates. The benefit is a local talent pool that is better equipped by having hands-on practical forex market knowledge.

In addition, business partners will have access to

  • The opportunity to hire qualified student interns
  • Specialized executive education classes in the trading room

Trading Room Technology

bfx trading room
BFX Trading Room allows students gain real-life experiences in trading technology and a sense of confidence that they can grow and thrive in the financial trading arena.

Trading Software

The strength of the BFX Trading Room will be directly related to the technology (hardware and software) backbone. The trading room features the best of trading software applications. BFX is proud to offer Meta Trader 4! The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is one of the premier trading analytic and market data platforms used by professional traders. The BFX trading platform combines both academic and real world trading applications to provide a more practical approach using real time data.

BFX currently offer four training trading solutions for institutional clients:

  • OREX Optim – new generation platform for FX and derivatives trading
  • OREX Pro – specialist institutional platform for FX trading
  • OREX Direct – FIX solutions across all platforms
  • OREX Match – liquidity matching solution

trading room technology 2


In 2013 the new range of OREX solutions was launched. The platforms use proprietary technology designed for banks, hedge funds and asset managers.

Trading Room General Info

All lessons, discussions, and trades are performed in real-time while the market is moving, right before your eyes.
Sessions occur daily, Monday through Friday, during major market hours. Australian, Asian, London, and New York trading sessions are covered.
Our Trading Room is an important and vital facility for the graduates of our trading courses. It offers you the opportunity to take part in Real Forex Trading. You will join fellow graduates for each major trading session and continue to develop and grow your trading skills.
Under the guidance of a BFX Instructor you will discuss the opportunities and likely trade set-ups as each session unfolds. You will be encouraged to share ideas and have the chance to benefit from the experience of others in the room.
This support gives you the confidence to develop your skills as a trader, while learning from those around you.