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BFX Education Package is a certification process in which candidates are required to follow and demonstrate proficiency in a broad range of fundamental and technical analysis modules.Administered by the Accreditation Committee of BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting, SUARL. TheBFX Education Package consists of three levels. BFX Level 1 and BFX Level 2 are fundamental andtechnical analysis courses while BFX Level 3 is in exam form.


The objectives of the BFX Education Package are:

  • To guide candidates in mastering a professional body of knowledge and in developing fundamental and technical analytical skills.
  • To promote and encourage the highest standards of education.
  • To grant the right to use the professional certificate of BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting (« BFX ») to those members who successfully complete the BFX Education Package and agree to abide by the BFX courses disclaimer


In order to be granted your BFX certificate of Trader in the Forex Market, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of all three (3) levels of the BFX Educational Package.
  • Have obtained ―Member Status‖ within BFX.


BFX Education Package offers a structured approach to study fundamental and technical analysis on the Forex Market and ensure all key areas are covered. The BFX certificate can help to open doors that may lead to job opportunities. The BFX demonstrates to all institution related to the Forex Market that you are a professional in the field of fundamental and technical analysis.

Course Description

The three levels of courses will empower you with the necessary knowledge to trade the markets using proven fundamental and technical analysis strategies, disciplined risk management and a strong psychological mind set.

Financial market data is presented in a number of ways; the three levels of courses will show you how to analyze that data to your benefit rather than attempt to predict market events and occurrences. This helps you keep your opinions directly aligned with the market instead of letting your emotions decide what you want the market to do.

The three Levels of BFX Educational Program are described as follow:

  • BFX Level 1 (Definition). The BFX Level 1 courses will take you through the working of the largest market in the world. We will explore the Foreign Exchange market’s operation and background. Next, we will explain the advanced concepts behind Forex market works by presenting the most recent surveys about Forex market volatility and activity patterns. Finally, we will introduce the trading aspects and risk management by focusing on basic and advanced contents of fundamental and technical analysis, and explain the multiple strategies and time-frames of trading.
  • BFX Level 2 (Definition/Application). The BFX Level 2 courses requires the candidate to demonstrate a great depth of analysis and competency. Understanding theory in a classroom is one thing but the application of that theory in a live market is quite another. BFX Level 2 is designed to bridge the gap between what you learned in BFX Level 1 and live trading. From properly setting up your trading screens to learning how to best route your trades, this hands on intensive course will help you gain the confidence it takes to know when it’s time to enter and exit your trades. BFX Level 2 courses provides you with the ability to practice what you are learning by using an online trading platform without risking your own money.
  • BFX Level 3 (Integration). The BFX Level 3 will enable candidates to further deepen the application of knowledge gained in the BFX Level 1 and BFX Level 2. In addition, BFX Level 3 examination tests the candidates on the degree of understanding of these two levels by allowing them to self-evaluate. Finally, it will give the management team of BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting according to internal criteria, an idea about the candidates with the highest performance as traders and determines the best opportunity for candidates interested in the Forex market to sign for an internship in the trading rooms of our partners.

Course Outline

BFX Level 1

Access to the BFX Conference Room

Lesson 1. Introduction to the Foreign Exchange
Lesson 2. How trading works and Terminology
Lesson 3. The different features of exchange rates volatility
Lesson 4. The intraday activity patterns in the Forex Market
Lesson 5. News and Market Reports announcements

BFX Level 2

Market Analysis

Lesson 1. Types of Financial Analysis
Lesson 2. Fundamental Analysis
Lesson 3. Fundamentals Factors and Market Indicators
Lesson 4. Technical Analysis
Lesson 5. Chart Types and Features
Lesson 6. Candlestick Basics
Lesson 7. Reversal and Continuation Candlestick Patterns
Lesson 8. Harmonic Price Patterns
Lesson 9. Trends and Concept of Support and Resistance
Lesson 10. Trend Reversal and Continuation Patterns
Access to the BFX Trading Room and Coaching Program
Lesson 11. Technical Indicators
Lesson 12. Technical Oscillators
Lesson 13. Trading Strategies
Lesson 14. Fibonacci levels on Retracement/Correction Patterns

BFX Level 3

Access to trade $50,000 virtual cash account on our trading Platform

Lesson 1. Trading platform set-up
Lesson 2. Creating a trading layout
Lesson 3. Risk Management
Lesson 4. Practice the Knowledge of BFX Level 1 and BFX Level 2.
Lesson 5. Practice Multiples Timeframes of Trading Strategies
Lesson 6. Trading Psychology and Mastering Emotions with a Trading Plan

BFX Level 3 Examination

Individual trading performance presentations


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Non-Disclosure Agreement and General Terms of Use for Exams Developed for the BFX Educational Package Exam
BFX Educational Package exam is confidential and proprietary, and is protected by trade secret and other intellectual property laws. It is made available to you, the examinee, solely for the purpose of becoming accredited in the area references in the title of this exam. You are expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting this exam in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the prior express written permission of BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting