BFX Development Package

BFX Development Course

An all-inclusive program for those committed to becoming a Professional Trader with the BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting

Program Description
Why do most traders fail?

  • 1. Lack of proper training,
  • 2. No proven trading plan,
  • 3. Failure to follow risk management procedures,
  • 4. Missing the technical evolution.

With The BFX Development Package, we created a course that will eliminate these four major barriers so that your chances of being a profitable trader are greatly improved.The BFX Development Package takes the information you learned from the BFX Education Package course to a higher level of understanding equipping you with technical strategies necessary to skillfullynavigate and conquer the markets.

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This course will add to your existing knowledge an arsenal of advanced level trading education concepts. While most firms would consider your trading education complete at that point, Affinity goes the extra step. We have found that a key necessity to the success of our new traders is to pair them up with an experienced BFX professional trader that already knows how to profitably trade. With The BFX Development Package at your disposal, you will have a personal trading coach who will be there to answer any questions you may have, help maintain a strong psychological mindset and to make sure you are following your trading plan.
With access to The BFX Development Package, you will be trading on a level playing field with the professionals.

Course Description

BFX Development Package Content
Access to trade $1000, 000,000 virtual cash account on OREX Optim ADS Securities Platform

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  • Lesson 1. Impact of the Yields/Bonds intraday mechanism
  • Lesson 2. The different Targets of the Harmonics patterns and the use of a unique Fibonacci standard tool.
  • Lesson 3. Transit from harmonics patterns rebound wave to Fibonacci extension targets by breaking the 100% level (Retracement/Correction rebound wave extension techniques targets).
  • Lesson 4. Identification of the harmonics patterns in sequences, and Russian Doll Harmonics.
  • Lesson 5. Inside Bars technique and ―wave engagement/Fibonacci Targets‖ combination.
  • Lesson 6. Forecast of the main pivots breakout by the Inside Bars technique.
  • Lesson 7. Forecast of the consumed Harmonics Patterns Targets and begin of the rebound wave.
  • Lesson 8. Forecast of the built of the divergences by the price action technique.
  • Lesson 9. Entry points by combining Harmonics/Divergences/Inside Bars technique.
  • Lesson 10. TP and SL 10 commandments and conditions within the different techniques.
  • Lesson 11. GH RSI Bar chart and Inside Bars technique Strategy.
  • Lesson 12. SMA/GH RSI Bar chart/Vortex Indicator Strategy.

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