BFX Market Position Tool

Our comprehensive international currency advisory service through our BFX Market Positions tool « BFX MP » can offer you advice on all the major currencies. Whether you’re an active trader or a passive investor, our foreign exchange advisors can create a customized solution to meet the currency requirements of your portfolio based on our expert research.If you’re an active trader, we can help you take advantage of movements in the currency markets using our BFX MP tool to give you an element of protection in volatile markets.
Our currency advisory service may be suitable for you if you:
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    • Wish to deal in foreign exchange
    • Have multi-currency requirements
    • Wish to express a directional currency view
    • Want to reduce your exchange risk
    • Wish to mitigate currency fluctuation and volatility
    • Wish to have direct contact with a specialist FX advisor


When you appoint BFX as your forex specialist the following is automatically attained:

  • Reduction in Risk: The Knowledge of the BFX Consulting Team allows for proper management of current and new maturities and open positions.
  • Assurance of Constant Market Monitoring: Volatility and major trigger points that have been identified intraday that relate to our clients are reported as they happen.
  • New Strategies Specifically Designed: We develop strategies to best suit the risk profile, culture and policy making.
  • We operate on a Level where Full Transparency Is Adopted At All Times: We watch the markets for you and give advice.