BFX Forex Advisory

At BFX, we offer professional consulting services to help you make additional revenue by managing your exposure to the opportunities that are available in the forex. We develop a well-tailored practical currency trading solutions for private and institutional clients.

BFX Market Position Tool

You will be notified in right time to trade. Wherever you are, you will connect to your BFX MP account. Our forex advisory service will tell you when to enter in the market to buy or sell and when to exit from the market. Just follow our trades in your forex trading account.

BFX Consulting Package

BFX gives the best service to our traders who don’t have time to trade, just use our automated forex trading tool services and enjoy copying our trades to your trading account. To access all the features and benefits of BFX MP, subscribe to BFX MP.

Research Methodology

BFX has the best team so you don’t need to be worried about upcoming news. Our analyst team closely monitors the forex 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. On the basis of news, close monitoring of market, charts patterns and trading strategies, we provide reliable and accurate signals of trades. It’s our job to satisfy our clients.

Risk Management

BFX analyst team has an exceptional track record in structuring tailor made in forex trading to meet the hedging needs of their clients. BFX uses the best hedging strategies across all the forex products.

Pricing & Packages

BFX MP is a service that identifies trading opportunities by detecting chart patterns. It automatically scours the market’s price action throughout the trading day and detects technical patterns which can help you identify technically inspired trading opportunities.