Company Profile

BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting Leading Expert Training Provider in Forex Trading!
BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting is registered with The Tunisian Commercial Register under the number B242532011, with The Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation in Tunisia under the number SDC102127J, and is licensed and regulated by The Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment for providing courses related to the trading in the Forex, including continuous sessions and events under the number 11113411. In addition, BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting offer professional consulting services to help international investors and companies create cost and revenue certainty by investing in the foreign exchange market. BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting is headquartered in Tunis.

BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting founded in 2011 on the principal that with high ethical standards and honorable relationships is an educational entity consultant of ADS Securities L.L.C., based in Abu Dhabi, regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE and that provides sophisticated forex, bullion and commodities trading solutions to institutional and private investors.


BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting was created to address the increasing number of currency and futures trading education demands in Tunisia and MENA region, and founding principals were aimed at initiating the best technological infrastructure and to utilize the most advanced Forex trading software while delivering the best possible client educational and Consulting services. Its management, analysts and training teams identified the need to prepare the first generation of Forex traders for the opening of the Tunisian Financial System to the foreign exchange market.

Here’s how BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting can help you protect your future. We provide cutting-edge trading education for the beginner or expert including strategies and tactics, live market analysis, ongoing learning modules, professional Trading Room for our candidates, and Forex instructor training for those who join BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting as a professional trader. We even offer one-on-one trading consultation and a professional Forex Advisory tool about the international markets investment for those who already invested in the Forex to ensure your success. We expect the information on our website will be of great educational value and enable you to have a better understanding of the markets and give you the insight to become a more successful trader.

Our vision

Here’s how BFX Baron Forex Education & Consulting it is our goal to train and assist you in becoming consistently profitable in the market. We would prefer 100 successful traders in our group rather than 1000′s of unprofitable ones. The markets offer enormous opportunity and with the right education and business structure it is possible to achieve financial freedom. Come join us!